Thursday, November 19, 2009

India’s Crippled Foreign Policy

Policy n(pl.-ies)- a general plan of action.

Unfortunately “planning” is something our dear politicians don’t have and “action” is a word absent from their dictionary.As the winds of economic opportunities and market share are now favouring the east more than the west, India as one of the major player has failed to seize the opportunity. All thanks to its crippled foreign policies and political leadership.

Being one of the contenders of the would be superpower, one of the fastest growing economies and largest consumer market, India has got the right cards to win this game. But to our dismay, the players (our govt) either don’t know how to play the game or don’t care whether we win or loose.
The recent visit by president Obama to China enunciates the kind of influence India has in its own sub-continent. Mr.Obama not only agreed with China’s claim over Tibet, but went ahead saying that US expects China to act as an intermidiate between India and Pakistan. The presidents words could be very well considered as endearment to his chinese counterparts. However US has always avoided taking such stand when it comes of India’s claim over Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (POK).

A recent example of India’s trembling political influence , where Pakistan strictly refused to acknowledge its participation in Mumbai terror attacks. Even the dossier of evidence submitted to Pakistani authorities was accused to be doctored and biased towards Pakistan. In fact the influence our government holds is so weak that we are not able to stop the smuggling and manufacture of counterfeit currency notes from Nepal. It is estimated that the fake currency in circulation is at Rs169,000 crore (169 trillions), a figure RBI and Central govt denies. Chinese incursions on Indian borders, China’s open claim on Tawang and Arunachal Pradesh, issuing separate visa for Kashmiri’s are all consequences of India’s feeble response and inability to take a stand and fight for it.

It is a well know fact about the tug-of-war by our political leaders for the most coveted (and profitable) offices in the ministry like Home Dept, Defence, Railways, Mining and Telecom. But External Affairs is something no one desires. With such a meek political leadership, its better we stop dreaming of becoming super-power.

Most of us (even our politicians) were born and brought up in a age where India had achieved its independence. So little do we know about the struggle and sacrifices one has to make to retain the country’s freedom. “Freedom Struggle” is a word long forgotten, seldom practiced and read only in history books. But what we forget is “struggle” is something that goes on and the one who does not struggle, perishes. Even after more than 50 years of independence, India is still trying to catch up with rest of the world, with others trying to pull us down in every possible way. While we pretend to be diplomatic and patient, our helplessness is clearly seen in our inability to protect our country’s interest.

Its time India shed its timid, soft-state image and play hard ball with its adversaries. We should have “fuck-with-us and we will fuck you back” attitude. Cause a super power is not a nation with huge military strength but a nation with commendable respect.

As the Joker rightfully says in Dark Knight- “ the only sensible way to live in this world, is to live without rules”.


  1. Nice article......straight 4m heart and supported with facts.....India is rlly timid when it comes 2 foreign policies.... Israel can be a good example..and as far as china is is indeed the big daddy of asia....India stands no chance in front of them....

  2. All I would like to say is dat politicians should realise the threat of the neighbouring intruders to India n give it a blow instead of fighting for trivial bubblegum issues among themselves.......wake up guys open ur eyes.....else HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF........